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DAKAR - 2016




The adventure began back in 1977, when Thierry Sabine got lost on his motorbike in the Libyan desert during the Abidjan-Nice Rally. Saved from the sands in extremis, he returned to France still in thrall to this landscape and promising himself he would share his fascination with as many people as possible. He proceeded to come up with a route starting in Europe, continuing to Algiers and crossing Agadez before eventually finishing at Dakar. The founder coined a motto for his inspiration: "A challenge for those who go. A dream for those who stay behind." Courtesy of his great conviction and that modicum of madness peculiar to all great ideas, the plan quickly became a reality. Since then, the Paris-Dakar, a unique event sparked by the spirit of adventure, open to all riders and carrying a message of friendship between all men, has never failed to challenge, surprise and excite. Over the course of almost thirty years, it has generated innumerable sporting and human stories.






Four Days in and a win already!!!


With the waiting over and the logistics and late nights of planning a thing of the past on the organisational side the team are now good to go.

The prologue ran great for the Team Rhide SA with Captain Brian Baragwanath showing the best result in 6th and solid rides from George and Ted to ease their way in.


Day two was to be the first racing stage and all hell broke loose. Within the stage the weather closed in and a storm of biblical proportions threatened more than just a little bit of wetness. Huge thunderstorms that yielded Softball sized hail stones grounded the support and medical helicopters and the sheer amount or rain forced the fleet of competitors and support vehicles to abandon the stage and more forward to the second racing stage the next day with positions remaining as the were at the end of the prologue.


Stage two on day three and all were keen to get the race start properly, none more so that Baragwanath. He quickly shot up the timing sheets at the check points and closed in strongly at the end of the day to take his first Dakar podium with a third place finish making the team one to watch out for. The Dakar rookie George Twigge showed great form and also posted times above his experience pay grade to announce his arrival with Ted Barbier looking in amazing form too. The teams work in the set up season at last year Dakar really starting to look like it paid dividends.


The last racing stage on day four of the Dakar and the third racing stage of this event well and truly announced Rhide SA and Brian Baragwanath in particular as a massive threat to the crown. Casale is the man to beat in this year’s event based on his early performance but South Africa’s Baragwanath is more than up to the measure.

These top two raced hard on this last stage held on Tuesday the 5th of January with the South African coming in and winning his first ever Dakar stage by a mere 0,4 seconds over Casale. This moves Brian firmly into second overall on general classifications and within four minutes of the leader in the quad division of the Dakar.


For many of the team and Baragwanath’s followers and supporters the last two days results don’t come as a surprise but as a delivery on the promise of the skill and talent the riders has displayed throughout his career. No doubt Brian’s results are spurring his team mates Twigge and Barbier on as they soldier on just outside the top twenty overall.


With Baragwanath now up the order the challenge will be to close down on Casale each day to try and bring back the deficit and start to challenge for the overall victory. The last few days have been an emotional rollercoaster for Brian and the team but with a string of rock solid results from all and can start calming down and little as the racers settle into the rhythm of the Dakar.


Brain Baragwanath becomes only the third South African to win a stage of the Dakar matching the previous efforts of Sarel Van Biljon and his team mate last year Hannes Saaijman.

Brian and the team will now focus on the overall and staying solid and consistent for the rest of the event. God Speed


Keep an eye on the press and the Web as the build up to Dakar 2016 continues and watch out for our boys as they go out to achieve their own personal goals as well as continue to ‘Race against Extinction’ in the fight to save the Rhino’s.


-: Rhino’s are predicted to go extinct by 2022 at the current poaching rate stats.- Nikela.org


For more information and the follow the team log onto  www.teamrhidesa.com and remember to watch highlights from this years Dakar event through January 2016 on Mnet SuperSport


You can also follow Team Rhide SA’S progress on Facebook (Team Rhide SA) and Twitter (@TeamrhideSA) / teamrhidesa.com


Pics by photosdakar.com



Send off – Ready to go before the prologue. The Team are introduced and announced to the massive crowd before the real Dakar starts. Left to right – Ted Barbier (275), George Twigge (276) and Brian Baragwanath (274)


Ted 1 – With the massive experience gained at last years Dakar Ted Barbier has already improved on his results in the early stages and is in relaxed spirits sitting outside the top twenty overall but building pace.


Ted Water – The early stages of the Dakar are roving to be a tad moist. Ted splashes his way through one of many a puddle.


BB Water – So much prep work and research went into the Dakar campaign for this season’s assault. The Yamaha quads have been meticulously prepared by BB Motorsport to deal with all the conditions Dakar can throw at them


BB mud – Remember this number. We know Brian Baragwanath is on the 274 Rhide SA Yamaha…and after his amazing back to back results these last two days, so does the world. A third place, a win and now second in the overall quad classifications and within four minutes of the leader. Now it’s a race!


Job Done for Dakar 2016


Dakar is done for another year!


Team Rhide SA headed up by team captain Brian Baragwanath, have had a very successful Odyssey by all accounts.


With a modest start on the prologue all the riders in the team were conservative at the beginning of the 2016 Dakar so to get used to conditions and not push too hard too early.


Week one of the Dakar showed the amazing pace that Brian Baragwanath promised last year but was unable to deliver on through his mechanic issues that saw the SA Champion out early on. This time the big Yamaha man showed good almost immediately with an early stage win. George Twigge and Ted Barbier followed on as they also built pace through the opening stages.


The first stumbling block for the team came halfway through week one where Brian suffered punctures and penalty time additions to slip down the order and have to fight back. On the first marathon stage George Twigge showed his form to jump up into the top twenty and have one of his best stage finishes of the Dakar. On the last stage of week one Twigge took a big crash and had to utilise the rest day to do an almost full rebuild to his machine.

Ted Barbier was steady all the way through week one and would look to build pace heading into the sand and week two.


Week two was a totally different terrain for the competitors with a lot more marathon stage, insane heat and high altitude mixed in with sand, sand and more sand. Baragwanath relished in these conditions and started to eat into the lead of the riders ahead after starting week two in tenth position. Stage wins and podiums were the order of the day and Baragwanath was delivering as if he was fresh and could push harder then the rest.


Twigge suffered catastrophic engine failure early in week one that would see him out and sidelined for the rest of the Dakar. He was on for a predicted top fifteen finish at the time of the issue.

Barbier was the epitome of consistency as he clawed his way up the ranks to eventually end the Dakar as twentieth quad home and set his own personal best finish. Of the team Ted spent the most time in the saddle and was a trooper, surviving on minimal sleep but still linking the stages together to credit his finish.


Baragwanath had the leaders sweating as he piled on the pressure through week two with a string of podiums and went on to score three stage wins on this years Dakar along with the final stage win which sealed his overall podium position giving him third place in this years event.


And so the team can head home knowing that they have achieved an amazing result for themselves, their sponsors and supporters and their country. The world has seen the pace of Baragwanath and recognises him as a true threat to be Dakar Champion. Small teaks to the logistics and organising of the team will see them sharpen up and be able to run up front the whole way through next year’s event.


Congratulations to the team for putting SA on the map and for everything you’ve done for the plight of the Rhinos. 

One race is over but the race against extinction continues.




-: Rhino’s are predicted to go extinct by 2022 at the current poaching rate stats.- Nikela.org


For more information and the follow the team log onto  www.teamrhidesa.com and remember to watch highlights from this years Dakar event through January 2016 on Mnet SuperSport


You can also follow Team Rhide SA’S progress on Facebook (Team Rhide SA) and Twitter (@TeamrhideSA) / teamrhidesa.com


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Pics by photosdakar.com


TB Finish – After wetting his whistle at last years Dakar Ted Barbier signed up once again to compete in the 2016 event along with the other two riders on the Rhide SA team. This year Ted Surpassed all predictions with an amazing 20th position ride.



GT Final Stage before retiring – George Twigge arrived at the Dakar hopeful after winning the National Offroad Quad Championship two years running in the Masters category. He started slow early in week one but came came to life around stage four where he jumped up the order and was into the top fifteen at one point. A crash and then eventual engine failure early in week two meant a none finish for George but he learnt a lot and will surely attack Dakar again in 2017.



Finish Arch – The remaining two quad racers of Team Rhide SA at the finish arch. There can be no better feeling after a year or more of preparation and two of the hardest weeks of riding any rider is to face. Ted Barbier and Brian Baragwanath along with their team mate George Twigge who retired from the race salute the crowd.



BB Face – Brian Baragwanath is now a name and face known across the globe. His three stage victories were good enough to net him third overall in the quad category at this years Dakar and with speed and potential to win in the future.



BB Flying dust – By the second racing stage of the Dakar Brian Baragwanath was up near the top sitting in second overall. The next day he lost time and lots of positions through punctures. From then on it was miraculous to watch him race his way back into contention when everyone else was trying to consolidate, he pushed. On paper without counting punctures or penalties Baragwanath was THE fastest quad racer at the Dakar. He is South Africa’s most promising racer right now and the only SA entrant to score any stage wins on the 2016 Dakar.   



Arriving home – This was the Rhide SA team arriving home on the Monday after the last stage was raced on the Saturday. Relief and more stories than a years worth of Braai’s can hold. Congratulations team and welcome home.











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