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Iridium Extreme and 9555

Iridium connects you to the things that matter the most.

Iridium Extreme

The Smarter, Tougher Satellite Phone

Iridium 9555

A Satellite Phone You Can Rely On

Iridium® satellite phones

enable voice, messaging, and data services anywhere on Earth.

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Enabling high-quality voice communications around the globe is a key part of Iridium’s past, present, and future.

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500 Africa Voucher

Sim Validity – 365 Days
Only for the Africa Continent

100 Global Voucher

Sim Validity – 30 Days
Global Connectivity

200 Global Voucher

Sim Validity – 6 Months
Global Connectivity

600 Global Voucher

Sim Validity – 12 Months
Global Connectivity

4000 Global Voucher

Sim Validity – 24 Months
Global Connectivity

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