Satellite Phones

Voice and Text Messaging Technology

Each Satellite Phone Includes

•Phone, battery and pouch
•Sim card with prepaid airtime
•Wall and car chargers
•Easy To Use Instructions
•Dustproof box

Value Added Services

Free incoming calls & text messages
for the Satellite Phone User
Free itemised billing
Free 24/7 Customer Care Helpline
No cash deposits required or credit
card authorisations
Unused airtime will be kept on record
for 6 months towards an additional

Why Rent a Satellite Phone?

Short term rentals are perfect for heading out into the country on a fishing trip or camping in the bush. Renting a satellite phone is much more attractive option than buying one, especially for a short term adventure. The satellite phone can be used for voice calls and text messages

Inmarsat I Sat 2

Perfect for any Adventure

Inmarsat I Sat Pro

We Love the Pro at Fish River Canyon

Trusted & Affordable

Inmarsat is our trusted and affordable network, we offer both the Inmarsat I Sat pro and the Inmarsat I Sat 2 phone.


The I sat pro works great for hiking the Canyon, it’s a little smaller and more compact than the I Sat 2.

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