Spot Devices

Peace of Mind, Anywhere…

Devices include

:•Preloaded SMS bundle
•SPOT device with clip
•Batteries and charging USB •Dustproof box

Why Rent a Spot Device?

Spot units are a true game-changer for any outdoor adventurer who goes into the mountains, the bush, out to sea or just in remote areas. A growing number of adventurers undertake more extreme adventures and the SPOT will help keep them safe and in touch with loved ones.


Satellite Tracking Device


Satellite GPS Messenger


2-way satellite messaging

SPOT offers peace of mind

Using 100% satellite technology. SPOT products keep you connected to the people and things that matter most. SPOT allows you to track assets, send and receive messages, send your GPS position and status, mark waypoints, track your progress on SPOT Mapping and notify search and rescue officials in the event of an emergency.

Satellite Network

SPOT products use GPS to determine an asset’s or user’s location and the Globalstar Satellite Network to transmit those GPS coordinates to and from others. So, SPOT users can notify friends and family of their exact GPS position and status. Or, in the case of an emergency, send those GPS coordinates to emergency rescue personnel.

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